About CrystalCare

When it comes to caring for patients, CrystalCare takes a different approach. Our goal is to restore compassion within the healthcare industry, which has been widely absent due to the shifting focus from quality to quantity. We believe that our patients love being heard and understood rather than rushed in and out. We want to know our patients on a deeper level and strive to do so for every single one that we care for. If you’re looking for a new type of healthcare experience, CrystalCare is the place.


After 28 years of caring for patients, Crystal Wilson, NP-C recognized this need. As she realized that the industry as a whole was turning to numbers rather than quality care, she decided to open CrystalCare in order to provide this type of experience. When asked about her motivation behind opening her own clinic, she responded,


“My joy in life is caring for others. Whether it’s family, friends, or patients, I believe in providing the same quality of care to everyone. Once I realized that this was the missing piece, I felt as if I had no other choice but to open CrystalCare. There is no doubt that this is God’s intended purpose for me.”

CrystalCare, Clinic near me, Interior, Corinth, MS, Urgent care near me
CrystalCare, Clinic near me, Interior, Corinth, MS, Urgent care near me

CrystalCare offers a wide variety of services such as urgent care, primary and family care, and chronic disease management. We also offer DOT physicals, sports and employment physicals, mental health services, minor procedures such as x-rays, injections, biopsies, basic women’s health, and more! 


We would love to show you what CrystalCare is all about. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.


CrystalCare is located in Corinth, MS and provides services to Corinth and surrounding areas.